Top Reasons You Should Jump Rope Every Day

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Top Reasons You Should Jump Rope Every Day

When I was a child jumping rope was fun. We turned it into a game of who could jump the most without skipping a beat. Today, however, it’s a big part of my daily fitness routine. And it is still fun. Have you noticed that professional athletes such as boxers add jumping rope as a foundation to their workouts? This is not surprising because jumping rope is a great way to burn fat and get conditioned. Additionally, jumping rope is a fun; it’s easy and inexpensive. It functions as a cardiovascular, strength training and stress-relieving workout.

Top Reasons You Should Jump Rope Every Day


Full body workout

Jumping rope  (this is what I use) works your entire body: arms, abs, heart, and even your mind.  It boosts your  strength, speed, and agility. Jumping rope can be considered both a strength and cardiovascular workout.  It definitely does not impact your knees as much as running does and is an excellent method for conditioning and improving coordination.

Healthy Lymphatic System

Jumping rope is an excellent way to drain your lymphatic system. It helps detoxify your body by removing waste and toxins from your blood and it is great for relaxation and reducing stress.  Unfortunately, your lymph system moves very slowly. Unlike your heart, it has no pump. So it’s your responsibility to pump your lymph fluid. Up and down motions such as jumping rope is perhaps the best exercise for moving the lymph system.

Weight Loss

Jumping rope burns a lot of energy. It helps to burn excess fat and thus aids in weight loss. Since jumping rope is a perfect way of interval training, it has a massive impact on weight loss. It releases the fat burning hormone (HGH).  HGN is known for burning fat fast. The Human Growth Hormone helps regulate metabolism, burn fat, and build lean muscle.


Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

Jumping rope is considered one of the most efficient forms of cardiovascular exercise. This is due to the fact that jumping rope involves your entire body thus elevating your  heart rate right away.   Additionally, in order to provide more oxygen, your  lungs are forced to get stronger. Consequently, supplying more oxygen to the cells requires a healthy heart to pump blood faster throughout the entire body.

Muscle Tone

Jumping rope is a great way to improve the muscle tone in your legs and lower body. It also tones the muscles in our abs, butt, chest, arms, calves and thighs.  You move all of your large muscle groups. When you first start jumping, you will probably feel  soreness in your legs.  When your muscles work hard, it causes micro-tears. Micro-tears go away in a couple of days but will create larger, stronger muscles.

Osteoporosis Prevention

It turns out that simply jumping rope helps strengthen your bones. It is a great weight bearing activity that aids in the development of healthy bone mass. Researchers from the Osteoporosis Society in the UK found that skipping (that’s what the British call jumping rope) throughout life helps minimize the rate of bone loss and provides maximum protection against osteoporosis.

Top Reasons You Should Jump Rope Every Day

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