How To Tame Your Appetite For Carbs With Glutamine

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We all go through carb cravings that either get subdued or dominate us. Your brain sends you signals that it wants sugar. From that point on, we try to substitute the craving with healthier options and after several attempts to quench the cravings, we finally give up. The result, you ended up eating even more than intended.  Fortunately, you can avoid overeating and tame your cravings naturally with glutamine.

How To Tame Your Appetite For Carbs With Glutamine

Glutamine is is one of the 20 amino acids formed by the human body.  Glutamine enhances functioning and growth of cells in the stomach and intestines. Around 60% of our body muscle contains this amino acid. It can also be obtained naturally in many foods including beef, chicken, eggs, certain vegetables (such as cabbage), spinach, parsley and dairy products.
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Glutamine is truly amazing at suppressing sugar cravings. Your body uses glutamine as the energy source for the part of the brain that suppresses sugar cravings. Glutamine was widely reintroduced into masses by Robert Atkins and the Atkins diet.  He recommended taking glutamine during the beginning period of extreme carbohydrate restriction since the brain is able to use L-glutamine temporarily for fuel.

When you take glutamine, it virtually instantly gets to your “hungry” brain and calms these nagging cravings. Your brain gets fueled by glutamine when glucose levels drop too low.  Besides stopping your carb cravings, glutamine enhances many vital functions of the body such as neurological functions (which help with mood, concentration, & memory). It is also essential for our digestive system as it helps regulate cellular reproduction of the intestinal lining.  Glutamine is also critical for the immune system. According to the study, glutamine is essential for cell proliferation, which acts as a respiratory fuel and it enhances the function of immune cells. Glutamine helps regulate the body’s pH which is required for the proper functioning of cells. 

What to do

If you experience sugar cravings, take 1 to 2 g of L-glutamine. However, for best results and to get all the important benefits from L-glutamine,  2-3 teaspoons twice daily. You should also take it on an empty stomach.

Glutamine is a very effective craving killer!  As studies have found, glutamine supplementation triggers GH (growth hormone) secretion in the body — which is the most powerful fat-burning hormone in the body.

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