Myths about Catching a cold

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Catching a cold remains a mystery for most of us. We eat healthy, exercise regularly, and even get enough sleep but we still manage to catch a cold. Unfortunately, it often appears out of the blue.That is why we have so many myths about catching a cold!

  • Cold weather causes catching a cold

If this were the case, we wouldn’t  be sick during summer months.  On the contrary, it is proven that if you expose yourself to cold shock therapy, such as taking a cold shower, the first signs of cold will disappear without fully developing.

On the other hand, cold weather only indirectly contributes to the spread of viruses; we tend to spend more time in the closed premises with closed windows where viruses become more active, and easily spread.

  • Going outside with wet hair causes catching a cold

This is one of the myths we religiously believe in. Our number one priority is to blow dry our hair before we run out.
Approximately 50 years ago the British conducted an experiment in which one group of people was outside in damp clothes  and the other in a warm room. The amount of sick people was equal in both groups. So the link between cold premises, wet hair and catching a cold is not unequivocal. It all has to do with the degree of somebody’s health and strong immunity.

  • Cold and sports are incompatible

Very few people want to go to the gym or the swimming pool if they think they are catching a cold. If you were active prior to catching cold, and if you don’t have a fever, exercising doesn’t need to be stopped. Exercising in moderation helps your body recover and strengthen the immune system. The most useful is a half-hour walk or Jogging in the fresh air.

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