The super detoxifying power of Saunas

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 The super detoxifying power of Saunas

People living in Europe already know that saunas are not only a pleasant pastime with friends, but also a wonderful way to treat and prevent many diseases. As the ancient Finnish saying goes, “Sauna is a poor-man’s drugstore.”

 The super detoxifying power of Saunas

Health Benefits of saunas for the skin

A wide range of health benefits of sauna start with the skin. Saunas perfectly cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. Steam helps open your pores, the skin is cleansed of toxins, dirt, dead cells, causing the skin becomes healthy and elastic. In addition, the heat kills any harmful bacteria on the skin.

Saunas help correct skin blemishes. Saunas are beneficial  for all skin types, bringing it back to normal if it’s too dry or too oily.

Saunas help prevent wrinkles that occur due to oppression of the of the sebaceous glands. Saunas help regulate sebaceous glands as well.  Especially of great benefit after a dramatic weight loss or after pregnancy.


Hippocrates said,  “Give me a fever and I can cure any disease.” Sauna, with its high temperatures, creates that artificial fever.  Most bacteria and viruses die in temperatures of  more than 80 degrees and damaged cells are regenerated faster due to the acceleration of metabolism. It increases the amount of lymphocytes and the production of interferon –  an antiviral protein. High temperature selectively acts on malignant cells, slowing their growth. One German study found that people who steamed twice a week had half as many colds as those who didn’t.

Health Benefits of sauna for the nervous system

Due to the high temperature in the steam room, external blood vessels dilate, pushing out blood from the brain, reducing brain activity, thus leading to relaxation of the body.
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Saunas are beneficial for people with the following diseases of the nervous system: mild paralysis after acute stages of polio, radicular pain syndromes, inflammatory diseases of the Central nervous system , cerebral palsy, children’s enuresis, vegetative neurocirculatory dystonia, hypertonus muscles, nervousness and sleep disorders.

Health Benefits of saunas for the cardiovascular system

Alternation of low and high temperatures gives the blood vessels elasticity which helps strengthen the heart muscle, thus lowering the risk of heart attack.

Steam stimulates the entire cardiovascular system, the pulse in the steam room reaches up to 150 beats per minute. Consequently, circulation of the blood increases while blood pressure  is not elevated, as the heat expands even the smallest vessels, which reduces the resistance of blood flow. Capillaries dilate, which improves the nutrition of the skin. The result is a fresh look and a burst of energy.

Health Benefits of Sauna for Metabolism and Weight Loss

As we know sauna bath improves blood circulation.  Blood vessels become more flexible, increasing pulse rates and metabolism.  Circulating through the vessels, the blood saturates the body with moisture, oxygen, and nutrients. Our fatty tissues store toxins and heavy metals which possibly prevents weight loss. The steam and heat help excrete these toxins from the fat cells.


Perspiration is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins.  Sauna baths raise our bodies  temperature, thus stimulating sweat glands. Built up toxins get such as copper, lead, sodium, mercury and other dangerous chemicals get eliminated through sweat.

If you really wish to improve your health you can even install a personal sauna at home.  Let those built up toxins pour out of your body… improving your overall health.
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