How Eggshells Can Naturally Heal Your Cavities and More

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How Eggshells Can Naturally Heal Your Cavities and More

The shell of an egg is such a common product that is readily discarded as useless. We don’t view it as anything beneficial to our household. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception because it is not only beneficial as a nutritionally dense food, but It can be used for several purposes. Hungarian physician Krompeher, with a group of medics and biologists, became interested in the healthy properties of eggshells. More than 10 years of research have shown that eggshells are the ideal source of bio-available calcium (dense and well absorbed).


How Eggshells Can Naturally Heal Your Cavities and More

Eggshells contain the perfect amount of the ideal substances for healing cavities – massive amounts of calcium and 27 other minerals. The composition of eggshells resembles our teeth. Eggshells provide the necessary amount of calcium to remineralize teeth. Just boil shells from one organic free range egg  for about 5 minutes. You can add them daily into your smoothies or grind them into a fine powder and add it to your food.

Eggshells have unique beneficial medicinal properties

  • Bone tissue is composed of calcium.  Actually, human bones and teeth are very similar to an eggshell’s composition. One of the benefits of eggshells is the calcium contained in the shell (93 %), the bone marrow is fulfilling its hematopoietic function better.
  • Additionally, eggshells also contain mineral elements: magnesium, phosphorus, silicon,  sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, aluminum, etc.

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  • There are 27 elements found in the eggshells.  Also the protein of a shell is composed of such essential amino acids as methionine, cysteine, lysine, isoleucine. Thus, properly prepared eggshells are the most balanced natural means to obtain calcium.
  • Eggshells are especially beneficial for small children because their bodies experience more intensively involved in the formation of bone tissue, which requires an uninterrupted flow of calcium. Shell’s included in baby food can be beneficial to prevent  rickets and anemia, which usually develops in parallel with rickets. Shell’s promote activation of blood in the bone tissue.
  • Studies also showed accelerated healing when using the shell for treating such orthopedic diseases as congenital dislocation of a hip or osteoporosis (softening of the bones).

To use  eggshells for medicinal purposes, you need to use organic eggs in order to avoid any chemicals or antibiotics.

How to prepare:
Take eggshells and put them in boiling water for about 5 minutes. The boiling will kill any pathogens. Then, air dry the shells and grind the shells in a coffee grinder. Take a 1/2 teaspoon a day. It is important to note that Vitamin D greatly aids calcium absorption.  So make sure to get enough sunlight or eat organ meats such as liver.

Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23607686


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  2. Sounds interesting and worth a try. How soon after using the egg does the egg shell need to be boiled?

  3. Can I hard boil eggs not just the shells? Would that be okay if I still leave the egg inside the shell to boil?

  4. I’m curious. Just ingesting it has the ability to heal cavities? Or do you have to do anything else in order for it to help your teeth?

    • Hi Erin! Just ingesting it will help heal cavities! However, consistency is the key.

    • 20 minutes daily oil pulling with coconut oil helps heal cavities (google it) also as does consuming fermented cod liver oil with and grassfed spring butter (see Weston A Price web site)

  5. Do healthy adults who eat a balanced diet need this as a daily supplement or is this just for healing cavities? Is this recommended as an ideal way to boost calcium consumption?

    • Hi Adrianne! Eggshells are considered the most balanced source of calcium! Even if you don’t have cavities, consuming eggshells will help your overall health and prevent cavities in the future.

  6. Have heard of this, including a family friend who healed his broken back with egg shells. He drank it 3 times a day for entire year! He did drink it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. He also explained that if you do not use lemon juice that egg shell cause kidney stones to develop and rather quickly.
    Anyone know about that?

    • Excess calcium in the diet means the body must excrete it. The kidneys filter and excrete calcium. If the diet is high in oxylic acid (raw spinach, tomatoes, nightshade plants, carbonated water, refined sugar), the calcium can bond to them and create kidney stones. Have a BALANCED amount of everything in your diet!

  7. Thanks! But, one correction should be made. Osteomalacia, not osteoporosis, is characterized by softening of the bones.

  8. Would swooshing the water and ground egg shell around in the mouth for a good 5 minutes (like oil pulling) be more effective for actual cavities?

  9. Sounds great but I have a concern… Aren’t some elements like aluminum harmful to ingest? How much of it does the eggshell contain? Would it accumulate in the body over time?

  10. Can you provide any sources for this information? I want to believe in all the alternative things out there but I have such a hard time when it comes from a “Doctor” who has their doctorate in Bible Studies or Communications, etc. Personal experience has taught me to trust the actual experts in their fields of study, so that is where my difficulty comes in. I WANT to believe it but I just really struggle believing someone claiming expertise when really their background of knowledge is Chem/Bio 101 and 102. Please and thanks on the source of info?!

    • Hi Heather! I understand. Though I do have more than just Chem/Bio expertise 🙂 There are a couple of links within the post that will take you to the source.

  11. I tried this today and noticed that there are soft bits of egg that have hardened a bit, like scrambled egg consistency.
    Should this be washed out before grinding?
    Washed out before boiling?

    • Hi Bill! You don’t have to wash them out. I don’t. Eggs are good for you. Plus, you don’t want the fluoride in tap water to get into your shells.

  12. Have you actually healed your own cavities doing this? do you have any other testimonials? details please! thanks!

  13. Aren’t they more absorbable if they sit in lemon juice for 6-12 hours? (crush them first) I have read that in several places…

    • Hi Erin! I didn’t know this. Thank you for the useful information! I will look into it!

  14. Cavities cannot be healed. White spots can be remineralized but once you have a cavity you can’t “heal” it.

    • My sister healed her cavity that her dentist wanted to fill. It was a dark spot on her tooth and has disappeared. She didn’t use egg shells but instead used the Heal Tooth Decay diet. It worked for her. I eat a very similar diet and haven’t had a cavity since I was a teenager.

  15. Hi, I just have a question about the boiling. I read that when you boil something it can push the minerals out of the food, they don’t get distroyedm they just get soaked out of the product into the water. Does that not happen with eggs and they still keep their calcium. This is so crazy, twenty years ago, my mother told me about this method, and nobody really did it around us back then, but now it’s starting to come out again.
    Thank you, this is great information and so easy to do.

  16. One more question, when my mother told me about this method, she said that I should remove that thin film that’s on the inside of the shell before I crush it, because it can interfere with the absorption of the calcium, is that true?

  17. Thanks for the reply but I also have one more question.
    After crushing, should the eggs be used right away or can they be saved for a while?
    I crushed six or seven eggs and at half a teaspoon it seems like this would take quite a while to use.

    • Hi Bill! You can save the powder and use it later. As long as the eggshells have been boiled prior.

  18. erm – you advise not washing out the eggshells prior to boiling – not to introduce fluoride from tapwater; where do you suggest the boiling water should come from?

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  20. I have always done this with my hens (to put calcium back into their systems – instead of using crushed oyster shells)… however, I wash them thoroughly after cracking them… I set them to dry, and then I BAKE them at 250 degrees for about 45 minutes. I pulverize them in an old coffee grinder and give it back to my hens. I never thought of using them for myself. I wonder if it’s ok for our hounds, too? Any ideas?

    • I have done this for my older dog in her homemade food. I honestly never thought to have it myself but it makes sense. I think I’ll try it after soaking in lemon juice for fear of kidney stones.

  21. Interesting information. It is really surprising that eggshells can be used in such ways. I knew that it contains calcium, but this article gives nice information about it.

  22. Pls, i’m a bit confused, shall i just grind the egg shell and placed directly to cavity or drink the egg shell?

    • Hi Norah! You do not need to place the egg shell directly to your cavity. Take eggshells and put them in boiling water for about 5 minutes. The boiling will kill any pathogens. Then, air dry the shells and grind the shells in a coffee grinder. Take a 1/2 teaspoon a day.

  23. I love some eggs. Started eating them when I was really young. They are a great source of protein (if you stick to the egg whites).

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