How to Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil

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How to Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil

By now we have all heard about the enormous health benefits of Coconut Oil, and many of us have began preparing our food with it. It has become an important part of our quest to a healthy lifestyle. Now the question is which coconut oil should we buy and does it really matter?   There are four things you should look for in a coconut oil (here) in order to get the best health benefits it offers.

How to Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil

1. Look for Virgin or Extra Virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

It is made with fresh coconut and is not processed with heat and extra chemicals thus has higher nutrient content. Virgin Coconut oil still contains its natural phytonutrients, thus retaining its original taste and aroma. On the contrary, refined coconut oil is usually made from dried coconut and undergoes high heat to purify it.

2. Look for Organic.
This is easy to do because most coconuts are organically grown since they grow in tropical countries where chemical processes are not so common and people do not widely use fertilizers or pesticides.

3. Look for Expeller Pressed or Cold-Pressed.
Expeller pressing is a mechanical method of pressing with no chemicals involved.  This process is used to extract oil from seeds and nuts. During the expeller press the nut is pressed, extracting out the oil. The high pressure used  to press out the oil produces heat naturally. The mechanical process allows for the  temperature to be controlled so that temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold Pressed Oil is higher in price because it consumes more time and energy, but it is a much better quality coconut oil with a great taste.

4. Look for pure white color and fresh coconut taste.
It should smell and taste like coconut.  The way coconut oil is processed is the key to its color, texture, taste and aroma. Unrefined coconut oil should have a level of fine coconut particles in it.

Good Quality Virgin Oil has a high level of lauric acid. This usually occurs when very mature coconut trees are used. Good Quality coconut oil will also melt quickly on your hand due to body heat. It should have a shelf life of at least 2 years.

Yes, refined oils are cheaper but I encourage you to buy the best quality coconut oil whether you use it for cooking or for your beauty regiment. It’s money well spent.

How to Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil

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