Too Much TV in Childhood Could Lead to Antisocial Behavior

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We all know that excessive TV watching is not good for anyone. It robs us of other important things such as reading, socializing, creating, and etc.  Allowing your children watch a lot of television would especially not be a good parenting technique. Now days kids are babysat by television and learn the version of good and bad dictated by the media.

According to the study conducted by the University of Otago, New Zealand, children who watch a lot of television growing up could exhibit antisocial and criminal behavior. The study was conducted by following a group of approximately 1,000 children who were born in 1972-73 in  New Zealand. During the period between ages 5 and 15, every 2 years children were asked about the amount of TV they watched. 

The results revealed that those who watched more TV exhibited more vivid antisocial qualities and even criminal behavior. Thus, with every additional hour of children watching TV, their risk of    having an aggressive personality and the possibility of being convicted criminally later in life, increased by 30%.

The associate professor involved in the research, stated, “Antisocial behavior is a major problem for society. While we’re not saying that television causes all antisocial behavior, our findings do suggest that reducing TV viewing could go some way towards reducing rates of antisocial behavior in society.”

This study turned out to be a pioneer that studied the correlation of TV watching in children and antisocial problems that followed these children year by year. The acquired results of the study have proved what common sense and simple observation would dictate; that excessive television can lead to problems later in life.

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