5 Amazing Benefits of Honey For Your Skin

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We all know that using honey inside and out is good for you, but do you know why honey is good for your skin? Used by Cleopatra herself, honey has been considered a luxury and a privilege of the upper class’s. Cleopatra’s beauty created many legends. Some argue that the Queen was very beautiful, others think that Cleopatra’s beauty was very much exaggerated. Nevertheless, we still talk about her beauty and her secrets. One thing we can say for sure – The queen loved herself, thus, she must have dedicated lot’s of effort to her beauty regiment. Most of us have heard about her extravagant baths made of honey and milk. Honey seemed to have been the main ingredient in most of her recipes.
So, what are the benefits of honey for your skin?

1Honey is rich in nutrients which benefit the skin. Honey contains vitamins l B and C, minerals and amino acids which benefit the skin by nourishing it.
2.  Honey helps retain moisture in our skin cells because it acts as a humicant allowing the skin to stay moist and fresh for a long time. Honey prevents drying of the skin, thereby extending its youth and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.
3.  Honey is a wonderful natural antioxidant. Its properties prevent premature aging.
4Honey preserves natural oils in the skin, causing it to become elastic and silky.

5.  Honey is great for oily and acne prone skin due to its antibacterial properties.  It effectively cleans the pores without disrupting the natural balance of the skin.

Make sure to choose Raw Organic Local Honey and not the commercial type which has almost no beneficial properties since it was pasteurized and processed.


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