How to Take Care of Your Lips

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One of the most attractive feminine features for a man is a woman’s lips.
However, the condition of your lips and their appearance may deteriorate if they do not get enough moisture. Lips begin to lose shape, crack and become dry. But, healthy glossy looking lips can be achieved with proper care and the use of natural ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate, milk, or honey. 

Take a good care of your lips

If you use lipsticks, remove it as soon as you come home. Do it gently… use a cotton ball. Using a toothbrush, massage your lips before going to bed. This technique will help to remove dead skin cells and make them more firm.  After the massage, apply a natural oil such as coconut oil onto your lips.


PROTECT your lips

Because lips are very sensitive to ultraviolet light, protect them… even during winter. Otherwise, they suffer from premature aging, uneven color, and dryness.

When buying lipstick, pay attention to the ingredients. Make sure it is all natural and contains moisturizing ingredients and sun protection. The most effective are vitamins, A, B and E; castor oil, almond, jojoba, beeswax.

Moisturize your lips

For your lips to stay firm, try to constantly replenish lost moisture by making sure you drink plenty of water every day.

Before going outside, apply moisturizing products or coconut oil onto your lips. Your lips require constant moisture.

Following these recommendations, will keep your lips young and attractive.

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