Use Activated Charcoal to Remove Toxins and Reduce Cholesterol

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The Little Known Powrful Benefits of Activated Charcoal

It was in 1831 when Professor Touery (in the presence of his colleagues from the French Academy of Medicine) drank a lethal dose of strychnine, and, to their great surprise, survived. He mixed the poison with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a powerful tool for emergency cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract, perhaps the most effective remedy known today. It can be used in cases of poisoning from virtually any toxic substance. Activated charcoal reduces the absorption of poisonous substances up to 60%. Activated charcoal is a sponge-like substance that is made from different carbon-containing substances of natural origin. Activated charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen.  The treatment results in a highly porous charcoal. It is made at very high temperatures and as a result, activated charcoal is a  substance which is almost one hundred percent composed of carbon.  The chemical composition of charcoal is very similar to graphite. Useful properties of activated charcoal can be contributed to the huge number of pores and hence activated charcoal exhibits very high absorbent and catalytic properties.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal and Its Uses:

  • Poisoning by various chemical substances, drugs, toxic heavy metals, alkaloids
  • Overall body detoxification
  • Food poisoning
  • Treating stomach pain caused by excess gas, diarrhea, or indigestion.
  • Body odor and bad breath
  • Hepatitis: chronic and acute viral
  • Withdrawal syndrome (as a rule, is used for drinking, not for drug addiction)
  • Intoxication caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Various skin ailments
  • Inflammation
  • Helps lower cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids found in the blood.

Activated Charcoal DOES NOT deplete your body of nutrients.  In his book Activated Charcoal,  David O. Cooney stated, “Charcoal added to the diet of sheep for six months did not cause a loss of nutrients, as compared with sheep not receiving charcoal. … 5 % of the total diet was charcoal. It did not affect the blood or urinary levels of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, inorganic phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen, alkaline phosphatase, total protein or urine pH.” Activated charcoal is often included as an ingredient in body detox products. You can find it various forms such as powder form, liquid form and chewable tablets. Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal, 100 Capsules

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