Why You Are Loosing Hair and How to Prevent It

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  Experts, exploring the issues associated with hair loss, agree to the fact that modern people are increasingly faced with the problem of hair loss. A number of people, vainly trying to pursue preservation of health and beauty, are forced to contend with a number of factors, which negatively affect the condition of their hair.

According to statistics, 50% of men over 35 years of age have baldness, and at 50 years, this percentage increases to 85%. Women after 40 often begin showing signs of hair loss. Experts attribute this to hormonal changes and the approaching of menopause. However, when hair loss problems are faced by young girls, they are most often contributed to an unhealthy lifestyle. No wonder they say, “we are what we eat”. If the body does not have enough of any substances necessary for normal functioning, you will know about it –  it will be reflected on your skin and hair. Professionals involved in the health of hair, published a list of the most important substances for the health of hair and healthy food types that help prevent hair loss.


First on the list were proteins of vegetable origin.  These are necessary to supply the bulbs and strengthening the hair roots. The best source of such proteins are nuts and seeds.

Fatty fish varieties and other seafood can be a good source of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which not only nourish our hair, but also give it a healthy shine.

Zinc deficiency has long been recognized by experts as one of the major causes of hair loss. Its inclusion in the diet is an important component in the prevention and therapy of hair loss. To get it, it is not necessary to gnaw metal: large quantities of zinc is found in red meat, pumpkin seeds and bitter chocolate.

In the course of several studies conducted in the United States, scientists found that often the cause of hair loss is low levels of Biotin or vitamin B7. It can be received from eggs, herbs (lavender stimulates the scalp by drawing blood to it) berries and nuts.

To ensure that all these components are better absorbed by our bodies, it is necessary to constantly maintain a normal level of vitamin C.  This is most easily done with the daily consumption of citrus fruits and green vegetables.

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