March Giveaway

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March Giveaway

It’s time for my March giveaway! These giveaways are my way of giving back to the LA Healthy Living community! We are giving away an amazing prize this month – Amazon $450 Gift Card!

How to Enter for Your Chance to Win:

1. CLICK HERE to check out the amazing prizes that you could win!

2. Subscribe to Our Newsletter:

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March Giveaway

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  2. I can’t get the Rafflecopter form to work, unfortunately. I’ve tried it in two different browsers so far. Whenever I try to click on the buttons to do a new entry, or click on the entry submission buttons, it automatically directs me to Amazon to look at the gift card. I’m not sure what’s going on. I thought maybe it had something to do with my Adblocker in Chrome, but I opened it in Firefox where I have nothing like that running, and I’m having the same problem. 🙁

    • Hi Lynn! I think i fixed the problem! You can try it again! Let me know if you have problems.

  3. Hi, Anya~
    I’m still fairly new at these giveaways and have a couple questions. I’m already signed up with some of the other newsletters, so don’t know what to do about that. Do I click on them anyway? And I don’t have Facebook, so I can’t use those, but whenever I finish with my meager entries, I don’t know how to close it or log out. Is that necessary?

    Thank you. Enjoy your site and always happy to see other followers of Christ.

    • Hi Ann! You don’t have to click on other newsletters. One is good. And it’s fine if you don’t have Facebook, one entry such as subscribing to the newsletter is enough. Let me know if you have more questions. Blessings!

      • Hi again,

        Appreciate your taking time to answer. Guess I was making it more complicated than necessary.

        Thanks again.

        If I were to win, there are many items I could use, but would first enjoy being able to give some of the purchases to others who are in need.

  4. I would more than likely by new pots & pans which I need, and/or a moveable island! (I have NO counter space!!!)

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