Natural Choices For Your Baby

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Raising a baby in our age and time can seem like a very easy task. We have all the resources necessary to ease up our lives as parents. Unlike our ancestors who had to rely on their own manual work and the degree of creativity, we have been fortunate to reap the fruits of the modern day technology. So having a baby for most people is like a piece of cake.  Undoubtedly so! That is if your follow a mainstream agenda and the direction all the big manufacturing  companies want you to go. 

Fortunately, there are natural choices for your baby!
Recently I’ve become a mom for the first time and it’s been the greatest blessing  from God. During my pregnancy, I devoted a lot of time into researching topics that pertained to raising a healthy baby. The more i dug deeper the more complicated it had got. As an example, in my quest to find a toxic free all natural, budget friendly crib, took me well over a month. This was not because there was no variety of such, but because all the natural toxic free ones were way over my budget limit. It drove me to a conclusion that most  people are doomed into going with mainstream companies who care more about mass consumption than the health of our kids. Therefore, I have noticed that a lot of people are reverting back to the old ways of raising kids with, of course, a modern spin on it. Concerned parents started substituting all famous choices with not so popular alternatives, such as buying wooden toys for your baby instead of all colorful noise making toys; substituting regular diapers with cloth diapers (this is one aspect I chose to go with the modern day society :)); breastfeeding instead of formula.  We have a plethora of choices to make our lives easy as parents, but I encourage everybody to do their homework on things that would benefit your baby. We might not see the results of our efforts right now but in a long run we will be able turn back and praise the choices we’ve made. 
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