What is The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

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Is there the best exercise for weight loss? The type of physical training one chooses is a matter of personal choice and depends on individual goals and objectives. Strength training and cardio exercises have their own characteristics and thus different effects on the body. If your goal is to loose weight, then you need to understand how each of these methods impact your body.

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Some people are genetically predisposed to having more fat cells than others. For example, women, on average, have a greater percentage of fat cells, than men. A healthy person with a normal physique has approximately 25-30 billion fat cells. A person with excess weight – about 75 billion fat cells. Fat is energy stored, and fat cells (known as adipocytes) – are a place of storage.  Depending on the amount of fat retained inside the cell, the size of the cell will increase or decrease. Therefore, when you lose weight you don’t really lose fat cells, you just empty their contents.

What is the Best Exercise For Weight Loss? Is it cardio or interval training? 

Cardio training uses oxygen, and in general utilizes more stored fat. However, within the first 20 minutes of cardio training, only blood glucose and glycogen are used. Only then does your body start burning  fat. Glycogen is a quick fuel, which is in the muscles and ready for immediate use. If you run the distance of 300 feet, you are not burning fat, your body uses glycogen. Glycogen makes us feel energetic and strong. It firms up your muscles. The absence of glycogen makes you feel lethargic and weak.


Interval Training

Strength or Interval training with short, but intense loads uses glycogen as the main source of energy, however, it raises your metabolic rate even after your workout.  Thus, you are burning fat even if your are not exercising in order to provide energy for the autonomic work of your organism such as heartbeat, digestion, respiration, etc.  According to Japanese research, just four minutes of exercise performed at extreme intensity four times a week can improve your athletic capacity by 28 percent.   (I recommend this amazing interval training routine – here)

Each of these training has its advantages, so the best way to use them is in combination and paired with a healthy diet. Heavy intensive training by itself can burn a lot of fat, but also doing cardio exercises will only improve the results.

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