5 Crucial Reasons Why Overeating is Killing You

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This might not be the most popular post or topic of discussion for people, since, let’s face it, we all love to indulge in food marathons. Every so often, we like to eat more than our bodies require, especially during holiday seasons. Besides getting a gross felling in your stomach, and sometimes feeling guilty, overeating is really a serious issue. It leads to array of various health issues.

5 Crucial Reasons Why Overeating is Killing You

  • Overeating effects pregnancy. Have you heard women say that they have an excuse to eat more while they are pregnant? According to a study conducted by the University of Buffalo, overeating is dangerous for both mother and child. Obesity in pregnant women leads to the development of diabetes, pregnancy-related hypertension, preeclampsia, neonatal death and labor complications. (here)
  • Overeating effects your brain. Studies have shown that overeating leads to memory and cognitive decline. Overeating stresses the body which effects the normal functioning of our bodies. ( here) 
  • Overeating leads to cancer growth. According to scientists from the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, “obesity is probably the biggest contributor to cancer in the U.S., even more so than smoking.” (here)
  • Overeating  heavily burdens your digestive system leading to  an unbalance in the body. The more you overload your body, the less it’s able properly digest nutrients,  fats, carbohydrates.
  • Overeating leads to insomnia,  high cholesterol, hypertension, stress, acid reflux, asthma, diabetes, etc.

As you see, overeating undeniably causes damage to the body.  Your organism is so stressed that it has to make changes to the way it processes food and even toxins. These improperly expelled toxins poison your body. The whole natural digestive process is greatly compromised leading to impairments within the entire organism.

If you are struggling with overeating, you can start using glutamine. Glutamine is a very effective natural craving killer!  As studies have found, glutamine supplementation triggers GH (growth hormone) secretion in the body – which is the most powerful fat-burning hormone in the body. (find it here) 

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