A Very Important Lesson to Learn from Jackie Kennedy’s Diet

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Health Benefits of Caviar
Caviar is usually viewed as an out-on-the-town delicacy because, let’s be honest, it’s quite expensive. To serve caviar is to honor your guests.  The word “caviar” actually comes from the Persian word “khav-yar” which means “cake of strength” or “cake of power.”  Persians valued caviar as a highly effective medicinal food. If you have never eaten caviar, you may be wondering what it is. Caviar is fish roe (or eggs), sieved to remove fatty tissues and membrane, lightly salted with non-iodized salt. This curing method has been preserved up to this day. The most delicate and sought after caviar comes from beluga, osetra and sevruga… which are the types of  sturgeon.

The first known record of caviar dates back to the Greek scholar Aristotle. In the 4th Century B.C. Aristotle wrote about the Greeks having lavish banquets that would end up with trumpet fanfare announcing the arrival of huge platters of fish eggs garnished with flowers. But it was Russia that introduced caviar into the world of luxury.  The American caviar industry started with Henry Schacht, a German immigrant who pioneered a caviar business in 1873 due to the abundant catch of sturgeon in the Delaware River in Penns Grove, New Jersey. Schacht’s company was the first company to distribute caviar throughout the entire world.  By the end of the nineteenth century, the United States was the largest producer of caviar in the world, processing more than 600 tons a year.

Romanoff Caviar Red Salmon, 2 Ounce Jar


 A Very Important Lesson to Learn from Jackie Kennedy’s Diet

Did you know that Jackie Kennedy’s diet was comprised of Beluga Caviar? According to a reliable source, she had a single baked potato, stuffed with Beluga caviar and sour cream, once a day. Though I don’t think this type of diet is healthy, I do believe adding caviar to your daily food is beneficial.  In fact, one serving of caviar equals an adult’s daily requirement of basic nutrients. Jackie Kennedy’s favorite caviar comes from a sturgeon only found in the Caspian Sea; it sells for $7,000 to $10,000 per kilogram and must be eaten off a mother-of-pearl spoon.

Unfortunately, most of us can not afford original high priced black caviar, but you can buy red salmon caviar which is significantly cheaper. For example, Alaskan Salmon Caviar retails at around $7.00 per ounce, whereas Black Ossetra Caviar retails at over $175.00 per ounce. Red caviar is a highly concentrated source of nutrients and has fine gourmet qualities.

Health Benefits of Caviar

  • Caviar is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is required by the body for maintaining healthy skin, bone strength, teeth and vision.
  • Caviar is loaded with potassium and magnesium which helps with heart functions and maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  • Caviar  is a great source of hemoglobin, which is an extremely essential protein for the human body as it carries oxygen to different parts of the body.
  • Caviar is rich in acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter believed to play a key role in memory retention) which lines the stomach and increases the body’s tolerance to alcohol. Thus, caviar is considered a great hangover remedy.
  • Caviar contains Arginine, a vasodilator which helps increase blood flow. It is also a powerful immune stimulant and wound-healing agent.
  • Caviar is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.  One ounce of salmon roe contains 1,096 milligrams of total omega-3, with 438 milligrams of EPA and 514 milligrams of DHA. That’s more than the daily recommended amount for heart health. Omega 3 fatty acids also prevents breast, colon and prostate cancer while providing a shield against heart attack and stroke.
  • Caviar is rich in B-12 . It is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails. It helps in cellular reproduction and the constant renewal of our skin. It helps in regulating the nervous system, reducing depression, stress and brain shrinkage. In fact, one ounce of caviar contains 15.8 micrograms of B-12 — a whopping 263 percent of the recommended daily value.
  • Caviar is excellent for the skin. The cellular structure of caviar is very similar to the structure of a human skin cell, which aids in the rejuvenation process of your skin. Caviar helps produce better quality collagen for the skin at an invigorated speed. It’s one of the best kept antiaging secrets in the world.
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