The Surprising Nutritional Value of Pure Maple Syrup

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The Surprising Nutritional Value of Pure Maple Syrup

According to the latest research (here) , maple syrup was proven to possess a great deal of unbelievably beneficial medicinal properties.  The nutritional value of pure maple syrup is impressive.

Sweet does not have to mean bad for you. Maple syrup was found to contain 49 valuable components with 5 previously unknown natural substances. (You can find it here)

If you noticed, maple syrup is not cheap. I always think twice about buying it due to its price tag.  The reason maple syrup is more expensive than other natural sweeteners, is that for the production of 1 liter of syrup you need about 35 to 40 liters of maple juice.  Since juice is a perishable product,  maple syrup is prepared immediately after the fresh juice is collected. It’s done in special evaporators and heated for many hours. Cooking time for maple syrup  is very  important because if you boil it for too long, it will start to caramelize  and darken. 

The Surprising Nutritional Value of Pure Maple Syrup

  • Maple syrup is a very pure natural product without added chemical components. It contains a lot of minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, as well as a large number of whole complex of B vitamins, and thiamine. Thiamine helps fight premature aging and helps with proper digestion.  Magnesium and zinc are responsible for strong immune system.
  • Maple syrup is loaded with antioxidants, including polyphenols which help to fight such diseases as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Maple syrup contains less sugar than honey, and a very low content of fructose. Therefore, it can be consumed even by diabetics. 
  • The polyphenols in maple syrup inhibit enzymes that are involved in the conversion of carbohydrate to sugar. 
  • Maple syrup  has a glycemic index of 54, which means it does not raise blood sugar as fast as regular table sugar.
  • Maple syrup contains  great amounts of phytohormone and abscisic acid. Abscisic acid is  extremely beneficial for the pancreas. These substances help fight metabolic disorders such as diabetes by improving the insulin sensitivity of fat cells .
  • Maple syrup possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. These properties are even more prevalent in the darker syrup.
  • Maple syrup is great for men as it is loaded with zinc which supports the proper functioning and health of the prostate. 

Do not confuse pure organic maple syrup with conventional breakfast syrup (which contains virtually no maple syrup).  In the US maple syrup is classified into 2 grades: Grade A (Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber) Grade B.  Grade A is the higher grade which is made for eating. Grade B is really dark which is meant for cooking or baking.  You can find it here.

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