10 Undeniable Benefits of Green Tea

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 10 Undeniable Benefits of Green Tea

  Drinking tea is an art in many countries. It is an inseparable part of many cultures especially those with long cold winters. If you live in America, and your preference is coffee, you might want to start adding green tea to your daily life.  There are many undeniable benefits of green tea. Green tea, with its wonderful aroma and taste, contains a lot of beneficial substances: vitamins, essential oils, antioxidants and other bio active elements. (You can find one the best ones here) 

 10 Undeniable Benefits of Green Tea

  • First of all, green tea effectively stimulates your brain, improving efficiency, especially during mental stress. This might be helpful during long days at work.  
  • Green tea has ten times more Vitamin C than black tea. Green tea is full of polyphenols (flavanoids) which are antioxidant compounds.  The flavanoids in green tea strengthen the walls of blood vessels, therefore, it is considered an excellent preventive tool for hemorrhages and protects the fragility of capillaries.
  • Additionally, green tea can help get rid of heavy metals, especially strontium-90 from the body. It helps lower blood cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.
  • Drinking green tea prevents the coagilation of platelets, preventing the formation of dangerous blood clots (whose presence leads to the emergence of a heart attack or stroke). 
  • If you want to lose weight, then drink green tea. Spanish scientists have proven that a cup of this tea a day will help to burn up to 100 calories. Drinking green tea helps to speed up your metabolism and harmful substances are eliminated, not allowing fat to be stored in your body.
  • According to scientists in Greece,  people who drink green tea, rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Regular consumption of green tea will  protect you  from atherosclerosis, hypertension and stroke.
  • Green tea is an excellent prophylactic agent in the treatment of ulcers of the duodenum. Green tea helps with eyesight, activates thinking, decreases reaction time, increases creative activity, improves memory, etc. 
  • Drinking green tea inhibits the emergence and growth of malignant tumors. (here) It can be beneficial for pregnant women since it contains zinc, necessary for better development during pregnancy. 
  • Due to the antioxidant properties of green tea, the aging process of cells slows down. (here)
  • The presence of tannin helps prevent stomatitis, sore throats and a variety of intestinal infections.

If you decide to start drinking green tea, make sure not to add condiments – just tea and hot water. The presence of other things can degrade its taste and healing properties.

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