Amazing Facts About Bananas You Probably Never Knew

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Amazing Facts About Bananas You Probably Never Knew

Banana is not only a food, but also an effective medicine.   Bananas make a natural remedy for many illnesses and it’s the perfect snack and the dessert. What can be better than bananas dipped into honey? Unfortunately, a lot of people try to avoid bananas due to its caloric content. However, a well balanced diet (one which excludes processed and nutritionally void foods) would welcome natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Bananas make a natural remedy for many illnesses!

A little history
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In Latin banana means “fruit of the wise man.” Banana tree is also refereed to as a “Paradise tree” because they are a perfect delicacy, nice and smooth, which come in a convenient and original package ready to be used. Africans add bananas literally in everything – porridge, tomato soup, ham omelet. In Uganda, a large part of the banana harvest is turned into beer. Europe was introduced to bananas only in the beginning of the 20th century, when specially adapted containers were available for the transportation of fruits.

What’s in banana?
A ripe banana is the most nutritional snack that you can eat on the run. If you want to quickly restore a low energy level of your body, you should grab a banana. Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber, which give immediate substantial energy boost, sufficient for the 1.5-hours of energetic work. And it comes as no surprise that bananas are a favorite fruit of many of the world’s leading athletes.

Amazing Facts About Bananas You Probably Never Knew

  • Bananas are also called  a “fruit of happiness”. They contain tryptophan Mino substances which help to increase production of serotonin known as the ‘happy hormone‘.  This increase allows you to feel a surge of strength, pleasure, improves your mood, and stabilizes emotions. Bananas provide energy to our nervous system; they regulate digestion, reduce blood pressure, and strengthen heart muscle.
  • Bananas are high in potassium, 422 per medium banana,  which plays an important role in our bodies. Potassium is a mineral that helps in the building of muscles and protein synthesis. Potassium helps prevent against high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and stroke.
  • Bananas also provide 3 to 4 g of fiber per banana. Further, Bananas contain vitamins A, B, E, K and C as well as 6 mcg of folic acid, which is essential for red blood cell formation. Bananas are among the few fruits which contain the entire range of vitamin B—thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), folic acid (B6),  B5 and B12. Vitamin B in bananas helps control the nervous system which makes the body feel more relaxed and is recommended for consumption as a snack prevention of depression. Vitamin B6 is essential in helping the body to process amino acids and in synthesizing antibodies for our immune system. Vitamin C, also found in bananas, is responsible for the creation of red blood cells and collagen. Vitamin C helps defend the body against infections.
  • Bananas contain copper, chromium, manganese, selenium and zinc.  Magnesium enables the absorption of calcium, which is essential to maintaining strong bones. Copper plays an important role in the formation of collagen, several hormones, and the absorption of iron. 
  • Bananas contain prebiotics, fructoogliosaccharides, which support the good bacteria in your intestine. These good bacteria help to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, and increase the absorption of minerals.


Stop Avoiding Bananas! They are great for you! Bananas make a natural remedy for many illnesses.


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