The Surprising Health Benefits of Sardines

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Sardines

Did you know that sardines offer many health benefits? Sardines can be compared to Superman based on their nutritional properties. They contain substances that are beneficial for the skin, joints, memory, and cardiovascular health.  Sardines contain a large amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. But the most exclusive health benefit of sardines is that they  contain fatty acids, such as omega-3.

Scientists have proven that the fatty acids of omega-3, contained in sardines, help to prevent the development of several different diseases of cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure, assist with insulin metabolism, reduce the risk of blood clot formation, as well as regulate the blood flow in the capillaries.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Sardines

  • Sardines are an excellent source of protein, which is easily absorbed by the body.  In addition, sardines have a whole bunch of necessary elements such as zinc, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iodine, sodium, magnesium, fluorine, and amongst others. Sardines also contain selenium which is an important cancer fighting mineral.
  • Sardines contain vitamin D, which is important for bone health because it helps your body absorb calcium (which is why they are recommended for pregnant women).
  • According to some studies, regular consumption of sardines very positively influences the state of mind, as well as cognitive abilities.  Due to the content of amino acids, omega-3 and magnesium, sardines protect against asthma. In addition, this fish helps to prevent the development of cancer, atherosclerosis, arthritis, and strengthens the immune system.
  • 100 grams of sardines contain almost three times the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12 (which helps maintain red blood and nerve cells in your body); next to calf liver, sardines contain the highest amount of Vitamin B12. Even a minor deficiency of B12 can lead to anemia. Vitamin B12 helps cells metabolize protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Since sardines are small fish and near bottom of the food chain, toxins like mercury are not likely to be present.

Therefore, sardines should be a part of your diet. You can eat them straight out of the can, or add them to soups, or salads. 


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