Mustela Diaper Rash Cream – A Miracle Worker!

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My baby is 8 and a half months, and he has never had a diaper rash! The fact that he is teething and still there is no sign of a rash, is amazing! I think diaper rash is one of the worst nightmares for parents, especially if it’s a severe rash. I’ve seen those – not a pretty sight 🙁 So what’s the secret you might ask?  I’ve been using Mustela Diaper Rash since Day 1. I was recommended the product by my European friends who swore by it. So, I gave it a try. Since then I’ve been using it daily on my baby boy even without any symptoms of a rash. I truly think that this cream is a miracle worker. It’s easy to apply and remove and it definitely provides an adequate barrier. Use it at the first sign of redness, and the redness will be completely gone by the next diaper change! . I have found this cream to be extremely effective. It also lasts forever. I just use a little bit,  and it works.  recommend it to everyone

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  1. I also suggest Weleda – a German brand. It is amazingly gentle as well. We had issues with Mustela – whatever was in it gave my children burning sensation and lots of tears. It might just be my children sensitive skin but if your child is not all happy after the cream is applied – wash off and try something new. We are back to Weleda.

  2. My daughter used to get diaper rash and as a first time mom I was trying everything on the store shelf, Desitin and all the others out there. None of which helped or the problem would come back even worse. Then my mother-in-law told me what she used to do with her kids when they were babies. And Wall-La what a miracle! I’ll never use anything else. This stuff cleared up all rash and redness every time I’ve had to use it. Just put a smooth coat of vaseline on rash and sprinkle corn starch lightly over the top like you would use baby powder. I seemed to really help soothe the pain and my baby girl was back to her normal happy self in no time!

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