Dry Skin Body Brushing: A Natural Way to Detox

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Dry Skin Body Brushing: A Natural Way to Detox

Have you ever heard of body brushing?  Until recently, I never would’ve imagined doing it but in all actuality it makes sense. We’ve been told to brush our hair consistently because it brings circulation to the head, the same is true for the body. Since our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, why not increase circulation to it? Body brushing is a simple but effective way to get rid of toxins by stimulation circulation and the lymphatic system.

Health Benefits of Body Brushing:

More than a pound of waste products is eliminated through the skin every day. What body brushing does is it aids in this elimination process and makes it more effective.

As you know, we discharge dead cells from our bodies daily so there is more room for new cells. Tons of dead cells flake off naturally, however, some dead cells get stuck to the skin. With body brushing, you are helping to get those cells off the skin more effectively. This improves our skin appearance and leaves our skin healthy since dead cells make our skin appear dull.

Body brushing also stimulates the nervous system, circulation and even metabolism. It encourages better distribution of fat deposits thus helping fight cellulite.

How to incorporate body brushing into your daily routine:

  • You need to brush your skin in the direction of your heart using upward strokes. Apply hard strokes to tough skin such as the bottom of your feet, and conversely use gentle strokes on sensitive thin skin.
  • Make sure to shower after body brushing to open  clogged pores and get rid of  dead skin cells.


You should body brush every day for 15 minutes. It will not only improve your skin appearance but also your overall health since it tones your muscles and stimulates the nervous system. Overall, it’s a much cheaper alternative to laser skin tightening

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