How to Clear Up Your Skin With Parsley Tea

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How to Clear Up Your Skin With Parsley Tea

Even though parsley is considered one of the most popular herbs, not a lot of people realize it has great healing potential. I am not just talking about potential overall health benefits, but actually visible outward results. Drinking parsley tea has tremendously helped with my blemishes. My skin is more on the dark side and blemishes just don’t go away. The more tan I get, the more visible they are. To make matters worse, I tend to pick at my skin (it’s a no no). Nothing I previously did really helped me much. So I had to give this a whirl. I found a great success story about the amazing properties of parsley to treat blemishes. After doing some research, I made my first cup of parsley tea. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, one cup won’t do miracles. Consistency is the key. So after doing it for 2 weeks (twice a day), I have noticed considerable improvements. So what makes parsley so great at treating skin problems and how does it work?

How to Clear Up Your Skin With Parsley Tea

Did you know that blemishes are often a result of liver problems? It just so happens that parsley is very effective at detoxifying your liver and kidneys. Parsley is also a very effective chlorophyll blood purifier which helps with detoxification of the kidneys and liver. It is also provides vitamins A, K and C, beta carotene, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, potassium, folic acid, sulfur and B vitamins 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. Parsley’s high levels of vitamin C and K deliver antioxidant protection for our skin cells. It speeds up skin healing, reduces redness and helps diminish acne blemishes. It is also involved in regulating the body’s inflammatory response.

How to Make Parsley Tea


  • Bring a small saucepan of purified water to a boil.
  • Put ¼ cup of fresh parsley in a cup.
  • Pour hot water over the parsley and let steep for about 5-10 minutes before pouring through a strainer and serving.
  • Drink twice daily (before breakfast and dinner).
  • Make sure to let it steep (sit) for about 5-10 minutes before pouring through a strainer and serving –

You can also use parsley essential oil topically and internally.  Parsley essential oil promotes the removal of toxins and other unwanted substances from the body through the urine.


You can also wipe your face with the mixture in the morning and in the evening. I would like to hear your story!

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  1. As good as this advice is (parsley is great for the skin) it should be noted that it is NOT TO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMEN prolonged use of parsley tea can cause abortion during early pregnancy and birth defects in later term pregnancy. Always double check any claims about herbs you find online!!

  2. Consuming parsley abundantly helps to balance excess sebum secretion in oily skin. It further helps to clear the pores which might otherwise lead to acne outbreaks. Zinc in parsley controls skin inflammation and promotes skin regeneration. It also reduces the redness and diminishes acne blemishes.

  3. Parsley contains high amount of copper which helps to retain hair’s natural color. It can be applied topically or can be taken in large amounts in your diet.

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