How to Make The Most Effective Chocolate Mask That Will Revolutionize Your Skin

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The Most Effective Chocolate Mask

Make your own natural and effective chocolate mask with this easy chocolate mask recipe.  Chocolate, being one of the most irresistible delicacies on earth, can also  revolutionize your skin!  Due to the unbelievable antioxidant and nutritious properties of cacao, the mask can effectively prevent premature aging and make your skin truly radiant.  Raw cacao (I recommend this one – here)  beans contain more than 320 various antioxidants. No other product in the world can be compared to it. These antioxidants fight free radicals in  our body and protect against viral and bacterial infections.

Why is it the Most Effective Chocolate Mask? 

For this mask you will need raw unsweetened cacao powder, raw organic honey, avocado, and cinnamon. 

Cacao (here) is, perhaps , the greatest for your skin as the antioxidants contained in it boost collagen protection.

Honey (here) preserves natural oils in the skin, causing it to become elastic and silky.

Avocado is one of the best anti-aging foods. It prevents and helps eliminate wrinkles.  D-manno-heptulose sugar contained in avocados boosts collagen  formation. 

Cinnamon is a superfood because it contains a large quantity of useful substances. 

These tantalizing ingredients will nourish and deep cleanse your skin, leaving it softer and smoother. And best of all, it will put botox and other surgical procedures to shame.  Remember, the key to success – consistency.  As a sweet bonus,  this mask smells as good as you would think it does. Imagine putting a melted chocolate bar all over your face – you will feel like licking it off! 

How to Make the Most Effective Chocolate Mask


1 mashed avocado
3 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
2 teaspoons of raw honey
1 tablespoons of cinnamon.


Mix all the ingredients up

Gently massage the mixture onto your face and leave it on for about 25 minutes.

Rinse the mask off with warm water.

Have you tried this recipe? Do you think it’s the most effective chocolate mask? 

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  1. Hello! I recently found your blog and enjoying all the great information here! I could not find your email so am writing a note here. In a post I wrote today, I linked to this post on this fun mask and just wanted you to know. Will have to give it a try this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

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