How to Make Coconut Water Kefir

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How to Make Coconut Water Kefir

I’ve gone a little bit crazy recently for coconut water kefir. Since discovering my intolerance for dairy (it contains casein,  the main protein in dairy products. It acts in a similar way to gluten), I’ve stopped consuming anything dairy.  Fortunately, I have discovered coconut water kefir. It is an excellent alternative to milk kefir for dairy-intolerant people.  It is rich in minerals and aids in healing the digestive system. Coconut water kefir is believed to be the most beneficial probiotic beverage because it has a much more potent effect on the digestive system than any dairy probiotic foods.  Learn more about the amazing benefits of probiotics and coconut water kefir here and here. 

How to Make Coconut Water Kefir

There are three ways to make your own coconut water kefir:

  1. Use existing kefir as a starter
  2. Use a kefir starter culture
  3. Use kefir grains

This is my favorite method. I think making water kefir with grains is the way to go. Fist you will need kefir grains (either water or milk kefir grains).  You can buy grains here. This method is more economical since the grains multiply fast which means you’ll always have them on hand.



  • Add 8 cups of coconut water to your 1/2 gallon jar.
  • Place the water kefir grains in the coconut water. Cover loosely and let it sit for 48 hours (not longer). Do not let it ferment too long; it might explode.
  • Once fermented, coconut water will become cloudy and lighter in color.  The kefir grains will rise up to the top when they are done culturing. When the culturing process is complete, remove the kefir grains.  Grains can be used immediately for a new batch or you can store them in water in the refrigerator.


That’s it! So easy but so good for you!


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