Top 10 Healthy Grain Free Thanksgiving Recipes

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Top 10 Healthy Grain Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner is probably my favorite occasion of all. It’s not that I can’t buy turkey throughout a year, or mashed potatoes with cranberry relish. But there is something magical about Thanksgiving and the anticipation of eating the traditional dishes. It’s like  Thanksgiving has selfishly claimed them all. A year long anticipation of something gives you even more pleasure in indulgence. All in all, we give glory to God for all the amazing blessings He has bestowed upon us.  I’ve chosen my top 10 grain free (paleo) Thanksgiving recipes that won’t make you count your calories or go on a strict diet. (This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipe books-  find it here)

Top 10 Healthy Grain Free Thanksgiving Recipes

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Autumn Salad with Apples, Pomegranates, and Persimmons


Roasted Cranberry Walnut Brussels Sprouts


Homemade Marshmallow Cranberry Pomegranate Salad {Paleo & Dairy-Free}


Mashed Sweet Potatoes Topped with Walnuts



Pumpkin Carrot Harvest Cake


 Paleo Thanksgiving Turkey and Stuffing

Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving Baked Apple Pie Apples


3-Ingredient Paleo Cranberry Sauce



Green Beans with Dates, Oranges, and Hazelnuts


Spiced Mulled Cider


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