Around Los Angeles and Meeting Mila Jovovich

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Avoiding gluten and grains makes my social life a little harder. Unless you are among same mind-setted people, others label you as “difficult”. Going to parties or barbeques, you know you will end up having some junk food. You either don’t go, or eat before you go. Unfortunately, conventional nutritional wisdom still dominates. I finally purchased my own dehydrator so I can make healthy snacks for my family. I’ve tried couple of things, and realized that dehydrating requires some patience, since it takes many hours to get the job done. One piece of advice, spare some money for a nice professional one with temperature control like Excalibur. Talking from experience, I bought a cheaper one first, and after using it once, I realized that the Russian saying ‘a stingy person pays double the amount’ was so true for me. It was loud and slow. Thankfully, I was able to return it and now waiting to splurge on a much better one.
Last week enjoying one of the beautiful days in LA, I was able to meet my girl crush – Mila Jovovich.  She is the nicest celebrity I’ve ever met so far. Absolutely beautiful and talented.


I’ve been discovering some of the gluten free everything from scratch places around LA. One of the these places, is
The Addiction Bistro. The place is small, but nice, and most important, from burgers to condiments everything is made from scratch. They have some gluten free options as well.


Prime Rib Chili Burger with Gluten-Free Bun and a side of Homemade Pickles
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