Alert to All Women: Your Bra Can Cause Cancer

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Wearing a bra can cause cancer.  Though it might sound ridiculous and unbelievable, the research backs up the claim. The most common piece of women’s every day attire (a bra), can cause breast cancer. This information can cause a huge blow for companies such as Victoria Secret, who made their fortune on pushup bras. Haven’t you seen those braless tabloid pictures of celebrities? I guess it wasn’t a fashion flop, it was all planned. Perhaps they got a hold of this information before us. On a serious note…

How can wearing a bra cause cancer? What does the research say?

The research was published in the European Journal of Cancer, where cup size and handedness were studied as possible risk factors for breast cancer. The study found that premenopausal women who did not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with women who wore bras.

Why Wearing A Bra Can Cause Cancer?

  • Wearing a bra has the ability to easily cut off lymph drainage due to breast compression. This leads to your body’s inability to excrete toxins. In turn built up toxins lead to cancer cell growth.
  • The type of a bra you wear can affect the severance of the blocking of lymph drainage. The tighter it is, the less these toxins get excreted from your body.
  • Tight bras have been linked to the development of breast lumps as the breast tissue gets scarred.
  • Wearing a metal underwire bra can cause the most health problems. This is due to the nature of metal itself.  Also, it can result in cuts, punctures, rashes and skin irritation.
  • Most of us don’t want to have saggy breasts, for this reason we wear a support bra. However, you need to know that when our breasts are bouncing, it gives them a perfect natural massage. This will help increase lymphatic flow and get rid of  toxins.

What is the solution?

  • If you must wear a bra, find the one that fits you perfectly so it is not too tight (ditch the push up one).
  • Also, make sure your bra doesn’t have metal wiring.
  • Go for sport bras.


Your health is in your hands!
Dressed To Kill: The Link between Breast Cancer and Bras

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