The Powerful Qualities of Rosemary Essential Oil

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There is something simply enchanting about the rosemary. Perhaps it is the the aromatic woodsy fragrance and the simple beauty of its feathery fronds. Or perhaps it is the delicate taste that rosemary lends to soups, stews and brewed teas.

For me, the health qualities of rosemary essential oil are what is most important.


Rosemary is a lovely shrub-like green plant with pale blue flowers and long, needle-like leaves. The aromatic leaves and part of the flowers are used to produce essential oil. Although native to the seaside regions of North Africa and the Mediterranean, today rosemary grows in other parts of the world and is quite prolific.

It takes its name from “rosmarinus”, a Latin term meaning “dew of the sea”. This implies that rosemary can thrive without any water other than the humidity carried by the breeze of the sea. Perhaps that is why it grows so well in temperate coastal regions.


Rosemary essential oil has many outstanding qualities. For example, rosemary is a great antioxidant.

Like lavender, rosemary is one of the few essential oils that can can be safely applied to the skin in its undiluted form. Be aware, however, that for safety reasons, undiluted rosemary oil should not be used by women who are pregnant. (This caveat applies to all essential oils, not just rosemary.)

Today I share 12 of the most practical applications of rosemary essential oil. Each use has been time-tested over the ages and promises to foster both healing and wellness over the long term.


• Supports healthy respiratory function.*

• May help to support healthy digestion.*

• Helps reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue.*

• Apply to scalp and massage for an abundant looking head of hair.

• Take internally to support healthy internal organ function.*

• Add one to two drops of Rosemary essential oil to meats and favorite entrees.

• Blend with Wintergreen and lotion for a soothing massage experience.

• Blends with Melalueca and Basil for a stimulating scalp massage.

• Diffuse while studying to maintain concentration.

• Mix equal parts Rosemary and Lavender for stress reduction.*

• Combine with Epsom salts and Frankincense for a rejuvenating bath experience.


For years I have used the following formula to soothe muscle and joints.
•    Rosemary – 10 drops
•    Lavender – 10 drops
•    Peppermint – 10 drops
Combine the essential oils in 2 tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil. My current favorite is a half and half combination of organic coconut oil and olive oil. You can use this concoction to massage muscles.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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