10 Extraordinary Ways to Use Apple Peels

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10 Extraordinary Ways to Use Apple Peels

If you surf the net, you probably see a lot of articles about the many uses of citrus peels. It made me wonder if I could find as many practical ways to use leftover apple peels. Granted, I normally don’t have any left since I usually eat the entire apple but some people prefer them peeled or do so for baking. Like most fruits and vegetables, the amazing nutritional benefits of apples are concentrated in the skin. The peel of an apple is a nutrient powerhouse. If you’ve been leaving out the peel, you’ve been probably getting a tiny percentage of what the apple has to offer.

  Apple peel is loaded with vitamins A and C. A study conducted at University of Illinois found that half of the vitamin C of the apple is present in its skin alone.  Apple peel is also rich in Pectin, a soluble fiber. The peel contains about 72 percent of the apple’s antioxidant rich vitamin E and vitamin K which is vital for strong bones.  Apple peels are also rich in minerals such as iron and folate.  In addition, apple peel’s contain flavonoids (antioxidants necessary to prevent oxidative damage done by free radicals).  Flavonoids also help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

10 Extraordinary Ways to Use Apple Peels

1. Air freshener: Put apple peels and water in a pot, add some cinnamon and simmer on the stove.

Moving right along to apple peels, in a study published recently in the American Chemical Society’s journal Applied Materials & Interfaces, the NUS team doped the surface of the peels with zirconium oxides, which enhanced their ability to adsorb negatively charged pollutants in water.The new study found that the supercharged peels efficiently removed phosphate, aresenate, arsenite and chromate ions.
2. Clean aluminum cookware.  Due to the acid found in apple peels, you can clean aluminum cookware.  Just put water in the pan, add apple peels, and simmer for about 20 minutes.
3. Apple peel jelly.
4. Apple peel wine: All you need is apple peels, water, yeast, orange juice and lemon juice. Bring the water to a boil and dissolve the yeast.  Mix in the juices and the peels and transfer the mixture into a  jar.  Let the mixture rest for 10 days. Strain it and add sugar if necessary.
5.  Baked Apple Chips. Toss apple peels with cinnamon and raw honey and place on a greased cookie sheet.  Set the oven to the lowest temperature and bake for about 12-18 hours.  Store in a sealed container kept in a cool, dry place.
6. Make Apple cider Vinegar. Find a recipe here.

7. For Insomnia.  Make an apple peel tincture for insomnia. Take apple peels of 2-3 apples and boil for 3-6 minutes. Drink it in the evening.

8. Weight Loss.  An apple peel contains a waxy compound called ursolic acid, which aids in weight loss. This compound was found to help in weight loss by increasing muscle and burning fat.

9.  To Purify Water.  According to recent research, apple peels can remove a range of dissolved water pollutants through an adsorption process.

10. Make Apple Tea.  You can make tea out of dried apple peels. It helps regulate blood sugar levels.  It also works as a laxative and aids in digestion.


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  1. Wondering if you have to use store bought apples and not sure if organic, these peels bad to use for these 10 uses you mention? Peels may have pesticide and so we can’t do these things with them . Correct?

    • Hi! Yes, you have to always use organic apples. Conventional apples are the most contaminated fruits.

  2. Was thinking , we take the granny smith, and others too and make apple pie slices with the pampered chef peeler, slicer, corer. Lots of peels to deal with. after 25 years thats a lot of apple peels We make and freeze 9 cups of apples for one pie. usually make 12-14 bags for the year. Don’t want to over do it. Making the chips in my Magic Mill dryer. I have 10 shelves. AND would the peelings make good fruit leathers? Thanks for reading this far. Joyce

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