8 Things You Shouldn’t Do to Your Skin

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Neglecting the skin, can effect your overall health, your mood and your appearance.  If you want your skin to remain healthy, you need to avoid several simple things that damage your skin.

If you want healthy skin, you should not:

Stay in the sun for long periods of time

People sunbathing should be aware that prolonged exposure to the sun is a direct way to premature aging and skin cancer. Of all the existing methods of avoiding sun damage the most effective is avoiding direct sun. Stay more in the shadows, thus replace sunbathing with air-bathing.

Use Tanning Beds

You are deeply mistaken if think tanning salons offer a safer tan than the sun. It is difficult to imagine that there could be anything worse for your skin other than tanning salons.


If you are not frightened of cancer, heart disease and likely stroke, think about the fact that Smoking adds years to your skin. Nicotine use can cause yellow stains on the skin (disturbed blood supply).

Overdo it with scrub

It is important to wash your face every day but try to avoid using facial scrub often. Rough daily cleaning irritates the skin, and the irritation may cause skin reddening and acne. Take a gentle care of your face… gently wash it with soft circular motions.

Squeeze pimples

 Fight the temptation to pick your face. Otherwise, you will have scars and even more pimples. Use natural remedies to fight acne.


The damage from stress on the skin is yet to be fully explored. But it is known that stress can lead to outbreaks of psoriasis, acne and rosacea.


Gaining weight leads to tearing of the skin.  Lose the excess fat and skin folds on your body. Sometimes, in order to restore skin elasticity, you may have to resort to surgical methods.

Not getting enough sleep

We should sleep seven to nine hours. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will quickly affect your appearance: your skin becomes dull and your eyes red. Did you know that the skin rejuvenates while you sleep?

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